Friday, February 17, 2012

Carmel Valley Historic Resources

Carmel Valley Historic Resources Checklist:

Lambert Ranch House 1924 Tassajara Road
Scott Cabin 1860s Carmel Valley Road
Scott Barn 1860s Carmel Valley Road
Carmel Valley Ranch School 1929 Carmel Valley Road
Carmel River Dam 1883-84 Carmel Valley Road
San Clemente Dam 1924 Carmel Valley Road
Church Homestead 1890s Tassajara Road
Tassajara Hot Springs Resort 1880s Tassajara Road
Jamesburg School-Bell Ranch 1891 Carmel Valley Road
Jamesburg School-Boronda Creek Ranch 1920s Cachagua Road
Tregea Ranch structures 1860s & up Carmel Valley Road
Search Ranch House 1840s Tassajara Road
Prince’s Camp Tavern 1890s Nason Road
Miller Camp 1890s Tassajara Road
The Rock House 1920s Nason Road
The Parrott Ranch Wood Frame House1870s Cachagua Road
The Parrott Ranch Adobe & Stone Structures1820s Cachagua Road
Burritt Cahoon Home 1890s Carmel Valley Road
Arnold Cabin 1900 Carmel Valley Road
Hatton Dairy Barn 1890 6540 Carmel Valley Road
Ichxenta N/A San Jose Creek
Tucutnut N/A Mouth of Potrero Canyon
Socorronda N/A Mid-Carmel Valley
Echilat N/A San Francisquito Flat
Sepponet N/A South of Tularcitos Guard Station
Site of Descanso Oak N/A Carmel Valley Road
Site of Bradley Sargeant Adobe 1850s Portrero Canyon
Indian Dam Site N/A Carmel River
Site of Inesimo/Meadows Adobe 1835 Mid-Carmel Valley
San Francisquito Adobe Site 1835 Rancho San Carlos
Old Carmelo School 1917 North of Schulte Road
Meadows Home 1880 North of Schulte Road
Farm Center 1869 Robinson Canyon Road at Carmel Valley Road
Carmel Valley Rock and Sand Company Conveyor 1890 Behind Farm Center
San Carlos Ranch House 1924 San Francisquito Flat
Colton Home 1885 Holt Ranch
Wright Cabin 1860s Robinson Canyon
Los Laureles Lodge 1870 Upper Carmel Valley
Boronda Adobe pre-1834 Boronda Road
Del Monte Milk Barn 1890 Carmel Valley Village
Robles del Rio Lodge 1926 Robles del Rio
Rosie’s Cracker Barrel 1927 Robles del Rio
Bridge #501 1947 Schulte Road at Carmel River
Bridge #507 N/A Boronda Road at Carmel River
Bridge #508 1946 Esquiline Road at Carmel River
Bridge #523 N/A Robinson Canyon Road at Garzas Creek
Cooper Barn 1875 Garland Park
Chalk Rock House c. 1925 27200 Los Arboles Drive
Berwick Manor and Orchard 1850-1899 Route 2
Carmel Valley Airpark 1941 Ford Road
Boronda Road Tree Grove 1874 Boronda Road

AS OF JUNE, 2009
Photo from The Monterey Explorer:

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