Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Coastal Commission upheld the Cal Am water company's appeal

In November the Coastal Commission upheld the Cal Am water company's appeal to proceed with its two-year test well using "experimental technology" The private water company has experienced a string of failures, from the dam to the regional desal project, that has cost ratepayers millions of dollars.
From: The Hearald

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Franciscan Friar Father Junipero Serra

"With undaunted faith in divine Providence, he undertook the task to bring the Gospel into unknown regions. Neither adversity nor Indian attacks cooled his burning zeal and robust hope.
The conversion of infidels was his life, his obsession, and to that effect he had erected 9 missions in the areas of Upper California.
The Servant of God sought to shed his blood for the divine cause and asked forgiveness in advance for future murderers, worried that military retaliation would harm evangelization. "

From: Franciscan Friars
Picture from: The Richard III Society

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Arbutus menziesii: Madrone

When Spanish missionary monk Father Juan Crespi saw strawberry trees on the Pacific coast of North America, he recognized them imediately as relatives of the Spanish madrono. Crespi was part of an expedition to find the legendary Bay of Monterey and establish Jesuit settlements there. 
After traveling for months the expedition successfully planted a cross at Monterey and set up a mission in the Carmel Valley.  In his diary Crespi noted that he saw “Many madronos, though with smaller fruit than the Spanish trees.” That’s where our name, madrone, originated.

From Lives of the Trees by Diana Wells, 2010.

The Altar at Mission San Carlos Borromeo

"Soon after founding San Carlos Borromeo, Father Serra moved the mission south to the Carmel River.  This spot was closer to the Rumsien village of Ashista.

Father Serra wrote guidelines explaining what methods the missionaries should use to convince Native Americans to join the missions. Through letters, he recruited Franciscans from Spain."

From: The Missions of the Monterey Bay Area by Emily Abbink, 1996.
Picture from: What I Do

The Mudejar Star window

Founded in 1770, Mission San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo, the headquarters of the father-presidents, was the second mission of the chain.  The old mission features the Mudejar Star window, an example of an architectural style once popular in Spain. Mudejares were Muslims who lived in Spain after the 1200’s.

From: The Missions of the Monterey Bay Area by Emily Abbink, 1996
Picture from: What I Do