Thursday, April 11, 2013

Remove the Chinese Dam

Finally, the project currently includes notching the Old Carmel River Dam (OCRD) located
approximately 1800 feet downstream of San Clemente Dam. The OCRD is a 32-foot high structure built in 1893. Notching it would improve fish passage. However, SCC and NMFS are working on plans to remove the OCRD as part of the Reroute and Removal Project because it would provide even greater benefits to fish passage and river function.

The 400-acre-foot Chinese Dam, was built by immigrants working 24 hours a day in 1883 to supply Monterey’s first tourist attraction, the Hotel Del Monte.
 Today the Chinese Dam (more politely called the Old Carmel River Dam) is a relic, a modest wall of stones and cement above an inviting jade-green pool. 

From: Coastal Conservancy
Picture from San Clemente Dam Removal:

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