Wednesday, September 30, 2009

San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo

"At this mission there are seven nations of Indians. They are called Excelen and Egeae, Rumsen, Sargenta Ruc, Sanconeños, Guachirron and Calendo Ruc. The first two are from inland. They have one and the same language or speech, but this is totally distinct from that of the other five, who speak a common tongue.

There is a custom among the men of entering daily a subterranean oven which is called temescal. Into this they bring fire. When it is sufficiently heated, they go in undressed. Then they sweat profusely, so that when they come out they look as if they had been bathing. It is known that this is very beneficial to them."

From: A MISSION RECORD OF THE CALIFORNIA INDIANS(1811)Translated by Alfred. L. Kroeber

Map from: Monterey County Historical Society

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