Thursday, May 9, 2013

Steelhead migrate up the Carmel River

Mature Steelhead enter the river from the ocean at the rivers' "Mouth" otherwise known as Carmel River Lagoon. In late November through May, depending on winter storms, small schools move steadily against the flows upriver. The adult Steelhead that migrate up the Carmel River to reach Finch Creek must first jump over "Old Carmel Dam" about 18 miles up the river from the ocean, then pass over "San Clemente Dam" via a rickety old narrow fish ladder until they come to the spot where Cachagua Creek meets the main Carmel River. That "confluence" as it is called is about 5 miles above San Clemente Dam and just below Los Padres Dam by the village called Cachagua.

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Photo from: Michael Carl's photostream

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