Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Bucket

Carmel Valley's most popular swimming hole is The Bucket, with two other holes near it.

"From Highway 1, go east on Carmel Valley Road (G-16) for about 13 miles until Camp Stephanie Road. Just after the Camp Stephanie Road sign on the right, look for a place to park. For the next 50 feet, you can park on either side of G-16 (if you're next to a vineyard, you're in the right place), but if you go farther than that, turn around. Walk east on G-16 a quarter mile until you arrive at a hairpin turn at a white bridge or, if they have not rebuilt it, the stumps of a bridge. Stay on G-16. About 100 feet ahead on the right is an iron gate with a Stone Pine sign. Just before it, check for a hole in the fence and a path. Take the trail down the hill. It's steep, so keep your hands free. Follow the path through a 50-foot-long field to a fork in the trail, then take the right branch some 20 feet to the creek. Cross it, pick up the path (fainter but still going in the same direction) on the other side, and a few minutes later you'll be at the beach."

Picture of Carmel River 2011
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  1. That hole is in a private fence on private land with several NO TRESPASSING signs. The sheriffs patrol this area and are instructed to arrest trespassers.